We welcome you and invite you to join with us in our quest as we actively explore and strengthen our faith through the following ministries.

Worship and Prayer are at the heart of our faith community, acting to nourish and transform us as individuals and as community. The joyful tone of our Sunday worship, the more contemplative flavour of weekday prayer and Eucharist and a varied mix of special services give glory to God and challenge and strengthen us for ministry. We are a community that balances Word and Sacrament in the best of Anglican tradition, while remaining open to innovations that will include people of all ages and levels of church experience.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is provided by a number of formal and informal structures for parishioners. Home and institutional visits, Christmas and Easter remembrances, roses to the newly bereaved, and being present to the isolated and lonely are but a few of the ways we care for each other. Two priests are available for pastoral emergencies and a group of dedicated lay pastoral volunteers share in this ministry.


The vision here at All Saints’ we see ourselves as lifelong learners and offer a variety of resources to assist in that. Spiritual formation groups, Bible study, issues-based discussions, workshops, presentations and retreats are part of our parish life. Those who arrive desiring baptism or marriage are engaged in a process of exploration.


Youth have many opportunities to be involved at All Saints’. Children are invited to join our very active and growing Church School where dedicated teachers work with lectionary based curriculum in an atmosphere of warmth and caring. Deanery Youth Retreats, and special events are held throughout the year, and youth participate in Diocesan Youth Synod in August. Children and youth can also learn through the experience of being Junior Acolytes, participating fully in the worship services. Older youth are invited and encouraged to participate as acolytes, readers, sidespeople and presenters of the bread and wine. In addition, they come together to learn via retreats, special events and outreach.

Family Services

Are held at least once a month at All Saints’. Families participate as readers, greeters, presenters, leaders in the Prayers of the People; families are invited into the chancel during the Prayer of Consecration. We have adapted the liturgy to be entirely family-friendly, and the service is on PowerPoint. Each month, “the sermon” is an offering from the Anonymous Parish Poet [including rhyme and pictures] based on the Gospel reading.

Living the Good News

Individual All Saints’ parishioners can be found in almost every volunteer program in Huntsville: Hospice, Service Clubs, Youth Sports, Guiding, Hospital Auxiliary, School Support Programs and many other areas needing time and commitment. In addition, over 40% of our total budget goes to mission beyond our parish. We support work overseas and in isolated areas of our own country. We contribute to local quality of life through the generous sharing of our parish hall, providing ‘safe’ space for community groups to meet, and through periodic financial support of people and projects. We attempt to live the Gospel in practical deeds.

Building Community

All Saints’ has a strong positive history of Fellowship. We like to eat together, to laugh together. We linger after service and connect with one another. We strive to form relationships that are open and authentic. Monthly Men’s Breakfasts, parish lunches, Sunshine Club meetings (for senior women), outings and other gatherings all strengthen our life together. A monthly parish newsletter is distributed to each family in the parish.


Please visit our Lending Library in Lower Suitherland Hall? It is open during coffee hour after the 10 am Sunday service [or any other time, by appointment]. Books, CDs, etc. Come and see!

ACW (Anglican Church Women)

Our parish has a vibrant and dedicated women’s group that meets twice per month for education, service and support. Their bazaar and other projects involve the community in numerous ways and provide tremendous assistance to the parish.