Message from Ven. Kelly to the Parish…


Dear All Saints Members & Friends,

This Lent is one for the record books. Please know that I am praying for our congregation daily, and that your Wardens, the Pastoral Care team and I are doing all we can to keep in touch, especially with those who may feel the effects of “social distancing” most acutely.

In light of the precautions taken to slow the spread of COVID-19, Archbishop Anne has ordered the temporary closure of all church buildings not only in our Diocese, but throughout the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. Many other Anglican jurisdictions throughout North America have done likewise. This includes not only Sunday worship, but all group meetings. It can be hard to think about who we are as the church when we cannot gather in person. Indeed, there is a sense of loss, and we miss being together. However the Church is still called to be the Church, in every circumstance. We need to think about how we are caring for one another through this anxious time, as well as for our neighbours. May we, who seek to shine with the light of Christ, may we be those who show patience at the grocery stores, love in our homes, and hope in our prayers.

While I understand that not everyone has access to the internet, I want to do what I can to gather us electronically this coming Sunday. Attached you will find an order for Morning Prayer  Morning Prayer Together While Apart March 22. You can either pray this on your own at home, or you can join me on Facebook, where I will be live-streaming the same service (plus a sermon) at 9:30 a.m. Just search “All Saints Anglican Church Huntsville” on Facebook, and you will find our newly created group page. Then you should see a picture of me and that’s where you click to watch the livestream. I have never done this before so it may be a bit bumpy but I will do my best! A reminder that you can also check our website for updates at

Finally, please keep in mind that even though we are not gathered in person on Sundays, we still have bills to pay. The mailbox is being checked so you can mail in your donations that way, or, this is the perfect time to consider signing up for the “EOP” – the Electronic Offering Program. Visit this link, fill out the form, and mail it to the Diocesan office at the address indicated. Here is the link:

Please feel free to be in touch if you have questions or concerns, or simply want to talk or pray. My direct phone number is 705-645-0788.

Take care of yourselves – staying healthy helps others stay healthy too.

In Christ’s ministry we share,


All Saints' Anglican Church - Huntsville, Ontario