GOAL OF POSITION:  Appointed by the Rector and Wardens, the Treasurer is a vital part of the leadership team at All Saints. It’s not just about money. It’s about creating confidence in our donors that their gifts are being responsibly accounted for, and providing the Rector, Wardens, Vestry, and Parish Advisory Council (PAC) with the timely and accurate information they need in order to make responsible decisions about our shared ministry.

In accordance with Canon I-3 of the Diocese of Algoma, it is the duty of Church Wardens “…to appoint, if they so desire, a treasurer to assist them by keeping the accounts and paying all bills promptly, as directed by the wardens.” Therefore, the Treasurer is immediately responsible to the Wardens, but must also be prepared to answer questions from the congregation at large during the Annual Vestry Meeting, and from the Rector as necessary. If the Treasurer has questions or concerns, he/she may ask any of the Wardens or the Rector.


*Review for accuracy & pay all paper bills 1-2x/week including reimbursements to members of congregation as appropriate.  Approx. 20 paper bills received/ month.

*Review for accuracy & pay all electronic bills on timely basis.  Approx. 5-10 electronic bills received/month.

*Review draft monthly financial statements from bookkeeper for accuracy.

*Communicate with parish envelope secretary to ensure accuracy of recorded donations.

*Complete annual statistics for the Diocese (due end of February).

*Prepare finance pages for year-end Vestry meeting.

*Prepare annual budget on a monthly basis for next calendar year.

*Attend meetings with Wardens and/or the Parish Advisory Council as often as possible.

*Assist with other periodic duties depending on availability (full list of tasks taken on by previous Treasurers available).

This is a busy ministry and the time required will vary depending on the time of year. Some weeks may require 10 hours of time while others just one or two. Depending on the Treasurer’s availability, some tasks may be delegated to others on the leadership team.

If all is well, then a longer tenure is helpful with this position, since it is so vital to the successful administration of the parish. It is also important that volunteers do not burn out. A commitment of two years, renewable upon a check in with the Rector and Wardens, is desirable.

Often the Treasurer is a person in the congregation who has the expertise to train others! What the parish will endeavour to provide to the Treasurer is a period of handover/orientation from the person vacating the position, or, if that person is not available, time with other church treasurers. Occasionally the Diocese or the national Church will provide workshops for parish treasurers or other learning opportunities. Regular check-ins via Wardens’ meetings serve as a chance for asking questions or expressing any ongoing concerns or needs.

QUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL SKILLS As a key member of the leadership team, the parish Treasurer should be on board with the mission and goals of All Saints Huntsville, and should be in regular attendance at divine worship. Basic book keeping skills and relevant computer software at home are also necessities. The ability to speak in front of a group and to hear and respond to questions and concerns from the congregation is an asset. As this is a position of trust, two references as well as a police records check will be required, in accordance with the Screening in Faith policies of the Diocese of Algoma.

Though a demanding volunteer position, the parish Treasurer can be certain that they are making a vital contribution to the overall health and well-being of our shared ministry. The Treasurer will work as part of a supportive and indeed very appreciative team.



All Saints' Anglican Church - Huntsville, Ontario