Kairos Blanket Exercise – Thursday, October 3 at 7pm

Flowing from Archbishop Anne’s Charge to Synod in May, and her reference to the Indigenous ‘Sacred Bundle’ and the ‘Seed of Reconciliation’ held within, the Deanery of Muskoka will be hosting the KAIROS BLANKET EXERCISE in Sutherland Hall on Thursday, October 3rd @ 7:00PM.

The Blanket Exercise will take you on an interactive and an engaging interpretation of Canadian history through the lens of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES.  Utilizing the narration of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous trained facilitators, this experiential journey will challenge both MIND and HEART!

To REGISTER for the Blanket Exercise, please contact Peter Kear at:

705-789-9112, or
[email protected], or
his Facebook page

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