The plots at All Saints’ Anglican Cemetery are sold only to All Saints’ Parishioners and their families.

Please call for current costs. A portion of the money received through sale of plots is deposited with the Public Trustee of Ontario. Interest from this account is returned to the cemetery annually, to be used in grounds and monument maintenance.

Our cemetery is located at 455 Ravenscliffe Road, Huntsville, ON

Past, Present and Future

The first page of our dog-eared, calfskin-bound Graves Register contains the following hand-penned entries…

  • Burial Board formed Easter 1887.
  • On resolution of Vestry – Easter 1887 – ten dollars was paid to G. Hutchings – in full of all claimed for clearing Cemetery Ground.
  • The Cemetery was consecrated on Friday the Fourth of November, one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven, at three o’clock in the afternoon by the Right Reverend Edward Sullivan, Bishop of Algoma, the Reverend Thomas Llwyd, incumbent of Huntsville, acting as Chaplain. About twenty-five members of the Huntsville congregation attended. George Ecclestone and J.W. Jacobs, Warden. G. Hunt, Catechist.
  • Nov. 1887…The “Flat” was laid out in plots of 10 square feet by Joseph Silverwood.
  • 1890, July 8th. Burial Board met and staked out road for teams to drive in, turn round and leave. Said road made my Sam Mellor & G. Norton. Total outlay – $38.00.
  • 1896, August 25. The purchase of addition to cemetery – to give access from West Road – was effected by G.S. Wilgress, on behalf of Burial Board, from George Hutchins. Deed to be obtained from Hutchins, mortgage release to be got from H.S. May.
  • The “flat” as that portion of All Saints is called in the Register, was filled by sometime in the early ‘teens and a terrace was cleared part way up the east slope, making another 25 or 30 plots available. Then, in the late l950’s, a small triangular area southeast of the cemetery access road was surveyed, registered and plots were sold.
  • In l982 John Haigh, OLS, surveyed a road alignment to access the upper levels of All Saints and by l984 this road was completed to the common boundary with the Salvation Army cemetery, and twenty-eight plots were surveyed.
  • 1990 saw the installation of wrought iron gates and fence, together with imposing stone gateposts.
  • In the spring of 1992, the Cemetery Board took on a project to clear and prepare enough burial ground to serve our needs until the year 2020 and beyond.
  • In February 1992, after the Ontario Cemeteries Act was rewritten, the Diocese transferred ownership of the cemetery to our parish. The stewardship of the Perpetual Care Fund was transferred to the Public Trustee of Ontario. In response to this our first cemetery board was elected. A Rules and Regulations booklet was produced and financial records were set up in the secretary’s office. All interment records were copied to a computer database.
  • In 1993 a location map was installed in our cemetery to help visitors and family trying to locate gravesites.
  • Some content in this article has been extracted from All Saints Anglican Church Chronicles dated 1992 and 1998 by Joseph Stocking and Catherine West.