Boot Sale

on Saturday morning, August 3rd 2024, All Saints will host a “boot sale” in the church parking lot. Parishioners are invited to book a spot and to sell yard sale/rummage sale type items out of the trunks of their vehicles. This will be a 50/50 sale (half of what you sell stays with you, and half is donated to the church – honour system!). We need a few volunteers; one to monitor the parking lot early in the morning to ensure no one parks there other than those who have booked spots for the sale, and someone to help with advertising and promotion. If we have enough people we could also fire up the rectory BBQ and boost our revenues through the sale of some (pre-cooked) hamburgers and some beverages. Please contact me if you are able to help, and leave a message at the church office if you wish to book a spot in the parking lot (max 20, first come, first accommodated). This is the Saturday of the long weekend, so we hope many people will be downtown and that the weather will cooperate!

All Saints' Anglican Church - Huntsville, Ontario