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Information & dates for 2018-2019 - Fun Fridays

 JUNE 2018

© 03 - FAMILY SERVICE   Children lead in liturgy, songs, with a
PowerPoint.  Please join us !

© 10 - 3rd after Pentecost - regular classes

© 17 - 4th after Pentecost - regular classes

© 24 - 5th after Pentecost - regular classes


All Saints’ Church School – Join us for:  singing, stories, activities, crafts, and fun with friends. 


Y.E.S. Activities

Friday April 20th was our "SPRING FLING"  P.A. FUN FRIDAY !     The 6 youth who attended were a mix of our youth and their friends!          What a great time we had ! ...doing what most youth do when all that snow melts and starts disappearing!  Enjoying the
glorious sunshine !  Getting outside and...

v Skipping, playing marbles, beach volleyball, hopscotch, and sidewalk chalking !!! 

v Putting on their flip flops; and surrounding ourselves with flowers we made !!

v Having fruit kabobs with yogurt; and "make your own sundaes"  for snack !  Yum!

We hop-scotched our way to the church and toured upstairs and down.  In the church school room we, took a journey back in time to trace Jesus' last days with us, from His entry into Jerusalem ... through to His
Resurrection !  Gathering small items of remembrances to help us retell "The Story" of our Journey.

The youth got to paint with marbles, and learned that we all have unique talents!  Just as his disciples had !

The children enjoyed sitting in the choir balcony and singing, Alleluias out into the nave!  They loved to hear their voices travel.

Later in the afternoon we played a game of "Bible Look up".  The older youth practised looking up bible verses and read aloud, verses to do with God's promises of Spring !   The younger youth listened intently to the verses, and each time they heard the words of RAIN or WATER they got to "make it rain" on the reader's head !   What fun !

Thank goodness there were no storms mentioned!!   The readers would have gotten drenched !!

Thank you to Pam for her help with the day and picture taking.  Thank you to the children with their
spontaneous help with clean up, and kindness shown helping others, and in sharing!  God's love shines through you !  Please see the pictures on the next pages. 

Thank you to the parents for your "thanks offering", ... this helps to offset the cost for the day.

Our next and final  P.A. Fun Friday for this school year will be JUNE 2, with a special day planned for all ages. 

PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SPACE EARLY !  Hint:  I think bowling might have been mentioned.  (hmm!) 



 Joy S. Y.E.S. of All Saints Youth Coordinator


General Information

Church School Registration
Download our
Printable Registration Form (92KB pdf) and bring along Rally Sunday (in September) or any following Sunday.

All Saints’ Church School is striving to provide the children with genuine caring, bible stories that give children truths to build on, friends, creative learning activities, and an opportunity for parents and children to join our faith community. 

We are presently using the curriculum "Seasons of the Spirit". The lectionary based lessons enable children and parents to discuss the stories that they both have heard that morning.


The Church School follows the curriculum from September to the end of June. In the summer, there is a multi-age program for the children, many of whom are visitors. The lessons in the summer are the favourite Bible stories.

The Church School has co-coordinators, supported by a very capable and enthusiastic group of teachers. We also have a group of people who are “Friends of the Church School". These people make up “teams” that are responsible for one specific class - others help in administration and in creative and consultative capacities. We look to our Rector, Dawn Henderson, for spiritual and visionary direction. Sarah Spring, All Saints' music director, provides support in our music.


We have set up a Toddler program for ages 1to 3. The program has been equipped with toddlers in mind, & presents themes of important Bible Stories and events in the Church year.


The Church School resources include, a variety of craft materials, costumes, books, videos, tapes, toys, bible story kits, and musical instruments. Our books and videos have been catalogued, ready for sharing from our Church School library.

The Church School participates, with pageants, dramas, and special celebrations, on the church festival days such as All Saints’ Day, Christmas, Epiphany, Palm Sunday, Easter and Pentecost. Many of these have become annual traditions, and are built on each year.

The Church School children are active participants in the “Family” services with the older children reading, sharing the “Prayers of the People”, and the Youth Band providing the music.


The Church School has been involved in several outreach initiatives - Teddy Bears for the Ambulance services, children's books for Great Beginnings, sending Guatemalan children to camp, contributions to the Food Bank and the H.P.S. breakfast club.

The Church School communicates with the parents and children through notices in the Parish News, phone arounds and or mailings & e-mail for special events, and a Church School brochure. We have connections with other committees at All Saints’. The ACW and Fellowship and other “friends of the Church School” help us with various functions.


The Junior Acolyte Guild is wonderful transition for the church school children to become part of the ministry of worship. The JAGs are presenters, gospel bearers, torch bearers, and crucifers. Some of the older children, partnering with an adult are sidespersons.


The Church School is continually evolving and changing according to the needs of the children and the parish. Watch for updates on this website!