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Information & dates for 2018-2019 - Fun Fridays.  Poster.

Welcome back, and Happy New Year !  Hope everyone's Christmas holidays with family and friends was an enjoyable, meaningful one!  It was wonderful to see many of you having an opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ at one of our services here at All Saints'.  The children who did attend at one of the services, received a Christmas remembrance.  Thank you, Shirley for preparing these for the children and youth. 

The children and youth participated in the Advent season prior to Christmas, lighting of the advent wreath and read the messages of God's promises of hope, peace, joy and love.   We again had our annual Christmas Story and Song, where the children dressed and acted out in  Tableau form, held a week before Christmas Day.   Thank you to all the children & youth who participated, you did an excellent performance!

Thank you to the parents who helped at the rehearsal with preparing the costumes, and prompting your children.   The parish enjoys watching the children, "model" the telling of the story of Christmas, their unique talents, and reverent performance, are appreciated.

In January, we began the year with the Epiphany of our Lord during our first Family Service.  We learned about John the Baptist, baptising Jesus in the River Jordan; the first miracle Jesus performed at a wedding and more.

In February, I will revisit making up a schedule of youth who will be asked to be Gospeller once a month (at the beginning of the regular services, then after the gospel is read, the youth would come down stairs to participate in the class); and also a list of presenters.  

Please have your child faithfully attend.   Regular attendance offers an opportunity for your child to share with others, and grow in knowledge of the teachings of Jesus.  


V 03 - FAMILY SERVICE   Please join us for familiar hymns & song, poetic power point, children led liturgy.

V 10 - 5th Sunday after Epiphany, Regular class

V 17 - 6th Sunday after Epiphany, Regular class

V 24 - 7th Sunday after Epiphany, Regular class

MARCH  2019

V 03 - FAMILY SERVICE  Please join us for familiar hymns & songs, poetic power point, children led liturgy.

V 05 - Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Supper.    Please plan on attending and helping out.


V 10 - 1st Sunday in Lent, Regular class

V 17 - 2nd Sunday in Lent, Regular class

V 24 - 3rd Sunday in Lent, Regular class

V 31 - 4th Sunday in Lent, Regular class

Holy Week begins:  Palm Sunday - April 14th  -  Maundy Thursday, 18th; Good Friday, 29th;  Holy Saturday, 20th;  - Easter Sunday - April 21st


All Saints’ Church School – Join us for:  singing, stories, activities, crafts, and fun with friends. 


Y.E.S. Activities


P.A. FUN FRIDAYS 2018-2019 (please cut out and save!)

Parents/youth: I am planning to continue with the P.A. Fun Fridays next school year, which occur on the scheduled P.A. Days for elementary/secondary, or just elemen-tary grades with the Trillium Lakes District School Board.

There is a time change for these days. The NEW TIME will be: beginning at 10 a.m. and pickup will be 3:30 p.m.

I will be inserting some shorter times on certain Fridays according to the December first day of holiday time and during the month of May where there is no P.A. Day scheduled.

All these P.A. Fun Fridays are open to all youth aged 5 - 11 years ! Our youth are welcomed to invite their friends! Spaces will be limited

The upcoming P.A. Fun Fridays for the school calendar year 2018 - 19 for the Trillium Lakes School Board are as follows:


February 01 - ice skating at Summit Center in a.m., hall use in afternoon

April 05 - Spring Fling and Library outing in afternoon

April 18 - MAUNDY THURSDAY activity TBA

May (Friday to be announced) a Friday evening of games/pizza night 4:00 - 7 p.m.

June 07 - our last P.A. Fun Friday - bowling in afternoon

PARENTS: Please let me know whether you child and friends will be coming. Thank you. Permission form is posted on our website: http://www.allsaintshuntsville.ca



After some of our upcoming Family Services, during regular coffee hour there will be a fundraiser lunch served to raise funds for our Youth programs.

Parents and youth please plan on participating to help raise funds for our Youth Ministry - through either a donation of food, or helping to cook or serve.

Parents and friends of the youth your support is appreciated!

February Family Service - afterwards a Lunch - menu TBA

Please let Joy know how you can help out.


 Joy S. - Y.E.S. of All Saints Youth Coordinator

YES News

As reported in the December/January Newsletter, during November, the youth prepared the Advent Remembrances for the Pastoral Team to deliver to those members of our parish who can't always attend our Services.  There are quite a number of members.   Some members do have services within their residences, where Dawn and a few volunteers from our parish assist to presides at these monthly services.

We thank Dawn for all these special services, and for her dedicated time visiting others in their homes.

The pictures depict the youth preparing these envelopes of tea bags, where the parishioners "make a cup of tea at half pass three", on the Advent Sundays leading up to and on Christmas Day, along with a bible verse to read.   In this way, we are bridging the younger generation, with the elder members of our Parish. 

February 1st will be our Skating event at the Summit Centre in the morning and in the afternoon a Valentine's Party (God's Love) to replace the Christmas Party we were not able to have on Dec. 21st.  Please wear red, pink, if you can.  Bring your own lunch that day.  Permission Forms available. 

In March and April the youth will be preparing another special  remembrance of Crosses and Easter cards for others as a keepsake.   These will be our Easter gifts for the pastoral team to distribute.  There will also be an opportunity for youth to help with distributing these  Easter Cards, to be given to some of our members at a special "Tea" in April.  Please stay tuned for more information. 

March 05th  will be our Shrove Tuesday Pancake and Sausage Supper, 5 - 7 p.m. rotated seating.  Please if you can help with the kitchen duties, more hands make light work!  Posters will need to be distributed in the community as well.  If you can help out please sign up.  Come, invite your friends to attend ! 

April 05th is the Spring Fling day, in the morning and later in afternoon a trip to the Library.   Invite your friends to any of these events! 

April 18th is Maundy Thursday,  this day leads our special services for Holy Week.  We usually have Dawn prepare for a special children's Seder Supper, beginning at 4:30 p.m. for the children to attend before the Maundy Thursday 7 p.m. service. Afterwards the children and their parents attend Maundy Services for the washing of their feet. 

If you are able to attend please let Joy know early.   A sign up sheet will be put up, in the Church Narthex

I thank each and every one of our Children and Youth and their Parents, for all their participation and support !    

"My child, pay attention to my words; listen closely to what I say.  Don't ever forget my words; keep them always in mind.  They are the key to life for those who find them; they bring health to the whole body."     Proverbs 4:20-22 NCV


 Joy S. - Y.E.S. of All Saints Youth Coordinator


General Information

Church School Registration
Download our
Printable Registration Form (92KB pdf) and bring along Rally Sunday (in September) or any following Sunday.

All Saints’ Church School is striving to provide the children with genuine caring, bible stories that give children truths to build on, friends, creative learning activities, and an opportunity for parents and children to join our faith community. 

We are presently using the curriculum "Seasons of the Spirit". The lectionary based lessons enable children and parents to discuss the stories that they both have heard that morning.


The Church School follows the curriculum from September to the end of June. In the summer, there is a multi-age program for the children, many of whom are visitors. The lessons in the summer are the favourite Bible stories.

The Church School has co-coordinators, supported by a very capable and enthusiastic group of teachers. We also have a group of people who are “Friends of the Church School". These people make up “teams” that are responsible for one specific class - others help in administration and in creative and consultative capacities. We look to our Rector, Dawn Henderson, for spiritual and visionary direction. Sarah Spring, All Saints' music director, provides support in our music.


We have set up a Toddler program for ages 1to 3. The program has been equipped with toddlers in mind, & presents themes of important Bible Stories and events in the Church year.


The Church School resources include, a variety of craft materials, costumes, books, videos, tapes, toys, bible story kits, and musical instruments. Our books and videos have been catalogued, ready for sharing from our Church School library.

The Church School participates, with pageants, dramas, and special celebrations, on the church festival days such as All Saints’ Day, Christmas, Epiphany, Palm Sunday, Easter and Pentecost. Many of these have become annual traditions, and are built on each year.

The Church School children are active participants in the “Family” services with the older children reading, sharing the “Prayers of the People”, and the Youth Band providing the music.


The Church School has been involved in several outreach initiatives - Teddy Bears for the Ambulance services, children's books for Great Beginnings, sending Guatemalan children to camp, contributions to the Food Bank and the H.P.S. breakfast club.

The Church School communicates with the parents and children through notices in the Parish News, phone arounds and or mailings & e-mail for special events, and a Church School brochure. We have connections with other committees at All Saints’. The ACW and Fellowship and other “friends of the Church School” help us with various functions.


The Junior Acolyte Guild is wonderful transition for the church school children to become part of the ministry of worship. The JAGs are presenters, gospel bearers, torch bearers, and crucifers. Some of the older children, partnering with an adult are sidespersons.


The Church School is continually evolving and changing according to the needs of the children and the parish. Watch for updates on this website!