Seder Suppers
Seder Cooking Lamb
the Seder table is set with only the finest linens, plates, glasses and cutler
The guests are welcomed to the table and the Seder begins. 
Ven Dawn welcomes everyone to the Seder and we begin the Haggadah [the order of service].  There follows an explanation of the significance of the Exodus escape from the slavery of Egypt.  Ven Dawn draws the parallels with our escape from the slavery of sin, and the ways in which Jesus transformed the Seder - the bread of affliction becoming the Bread of Life, the wine becoming the cup of salvation.

Children are an integral part of any Seder Supper.  "Why is this night different from every other night?" 
Children are always welcome at the Parish Seder but at various times, we have had a special Seder for the children.